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1999-12-14 ... 09:08:44

I'm a winner!

Well, sort of. I bought a lottery ticket on Saturday, on a whim, and I just got around to checking it today. And I had 3 numbers out of 6. And I think you get something for that. It may be just $3 or so, but I think you get something. I will stop off at the corner bodega where I bought it on the way home and see if I can collect my winnings. Think I'll keep my job, though, for now (hee hee!).

It will be an ordeal, though, to go to the corner store, because every time I go there I have to spend forever talking to the Palestinian guys who own the place in my dreadful pidgin Arabic. LT made the mistake of wearing a T-shirt in there once that had an Arabic slogan on it, and they found out he can speak Arabic and that I can sort of speak Arabic, and now every time we run in for beer we have to have conversations. Not that I mind so much, they're friendly guys, but when one goes into a "convenience" store one is almost always in a hurry.

I almost never know what to say beyond the usual small talk, because my Arabic is so bad (I understand a lot, but I have trouble talking back, due to lack of vocabulary and such)...but there was one incident where I thought of a whole sentence to say, of which I am particularly proud. LT is usually the one to go out and get the beer etc, but on this occasion he had gone running and gotten into the shower, so I went on the beer Palestinian Guy #1 (the owner) was bagging it up he said, in Arabic, "You are doing your husband's job." Somehow I managed to respond, "That's because my husband is not wearing any pants." They thought that was hilarious.

Xmas shopping almost done. Need to get goofy stocking stuff for LT (who comes home tomorrow! Yay! I can get my freak on again!) and something for my psychotic cousin Joe, god knows what, maybe a manual on how to shoot up your school or something. I'll have to think about that one, or else just wander the stores and see what presents itself.

I'll write tomorrow and tell you how I spent my $3 lottery winnings. Woo fucking hoo.

---mimi smartypants


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