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1999-12-13 ... 14:49:24

Arrggh. I leave my desk for literally 1 minute, the first time I have left it in hours, and that 1 minute is when LT calls. From England. Arrgggh. So now I will update my diary while I sit here and wait for him to call back, since he didn't do anything sensible like leave a number where he could be reached or anything like that.

Yesterday I didn't leave the house all day. I was a big slobbo. Slightly hungover from Delilah's the night before, but mostly just lazy. I read the paper. I did not watch football, sadly, since the Bears weren't playing and I only care about the Bears. (Yes, even though they completely, completely suck and are last in the division. Even though.) I did not go Xmas shopping. I did not go to a movie like I had planned. I mostly just read the paper, puttered about, pet The Cat. I was lame.

Just had a sushi lunch with 2 of my employees. One of them is probably going to accept this other job elsewhere in the organization. Which means that after the holidays I not only have to fill my own old position, but hers as well. Have I mentioned that hiring people is the one managerial task that fills me with dread? I'm worried that the first person I officially hire will seem normal in the interview and then turn out to be a complete buttmunch. Anyone out there in diaryland land have to hire people? Got any advice for me?

OK, now I have to send a fax to Finland. Joy joy.

And my husband still hasn't called back.

---mimi smartypants


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