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1999-12-17 ... 08:18:01

Oh, it's snowing in Chicago, yes it is. Snowing like a mofo, to be precise. (Not sure why I love saying that, but it cracks me up every time.) I'm at work and everybody's bitching and moaning about the snow, which I don't understand: it's WINTER, people. You live in the MIDWEST. We have SEASONS here. Suck it up.

What I really can't stand is when the same people who bitch about the cold bitch about how hot it is in the summer. Make up your mind!

For the record, I will never complain about cold. I like winter. I like sweaters, and blankets, and watching cars skid into each other. When it's 100 degrees, however, you'll find me sniveling and whining to beat the band.

LT is finally home, and having sex again after 2 long weeks without has done wonders for my mood. We put up our tree last night (artificial, of course...I'm way too allergic to have a real tree in the house) and I wrapped 1 present. Looks kind of lonely under there...I'll have to wrap some more when I get home tonight.

The topper for our tree is a plastic dinosaur head. Most people have stars or angels or something. We have a plastic dinosaur head. In a previous life it was part of a tube of "Jurassic Park" lip balm. I think it looks very festive and Xmas-y on top of the tree.

Happy solstice, and happy pagan Xmas.

---mimi smartypants, confirmed heathen


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