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2000-12-05 ... 13:53:14

Often I think I would be more comfortable if people who know me In Real Life wouldn't read this thing. But then I tell myself that's stupid. Mimi, I tell myself, that's stupid. If you really wanted your pathetic little typings to be private, you wouldn't put them on a big-ass public forum like the Web. Besides, you've already let slip the URL to a trusted few, and thus it's too late to get all privacy-obsessed. So suck it up, you big baby.

Gosh, I am rather harsh with myself, hmm?

I have a pile of Xmas stuff (tree, ornaments, etc) in the living room, but I have not the gumption to do anything about the pile yet. Maybe tonight I'll take a stab at assembling the tree. (Too allergic for a real one, sorry.) I think one advantage of having kids is that you'd be more conscientious about observing the holidays. LT and I always mean to carve a pumpkin, make paper chains, string popcorn, and all that crap, but it doesn't usually happen. That's not the most excellent reason for having a child ever invented ("the baby will help us remember to decorate! It'll be like a human day planner!") but there you go.

Don't you sometimes wish you could roll around in one of those hamster balls? Getting exercise...keeping the world safely at bay behind a wall of plastic...

Speaking of hamster balls:

How lovely. (I'm just a huge fan of fractured English, I can't help myself.) Now maybe when you think of hamster testicles, you will think of your friend, mimi smartypants.



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