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2000-12-13 ... 15:20:18

This will be a bit of a mishmash, bear with me.

I won't bore you with the weather. Oh wait yes I will! Chicago has had a gigantic blizzard. Monday it snowed all day long with a combined accumulation of something like 230 feet. Or maybe it was 14 inches. Anyway, that was Monday, a day I had taken as a vacation day for no real reason. What timing! So I felt very smug and pleased with myself as I sipped tea, wrapped presents, and watched it [the snow] come down. The TV and radio people were completely freaking out, you would have thought it was a volcanic eruption instead of a simple snowstorm. I guess when you are a TV meteorologist, you take your excitement where you find it.

Overheard today at work: "I have a cheese-based diet."

Read today at work: these two lovely phrases: "On retroillumination, both lobes of the liver should light up." (I picture something like the Rockefeller Xmas tree; the crowd goes "ooooh!") Also, "If the breast is highly mobile, the surgeon should [blah blah blah]..."

Highly mobile breast! Look out baby, we're going places!

Smelled today at work: Someone on the 12th floor has got some bad-ass cologne. Gack. There was like a trail of it all down the hallway. It was a horrible combination of floral and spice, with a faint undertone of manure. A fecal base note, if you will.

I saw a T-shirt I wanted this weekend: huge letters saying W.W.J.J.D.? and underneath that What Would Joan Jett Do? with a black and white picture of the rockwoman herself. Not a bad code to live by, really.

cetera desunt.

---mimi smartypants, Latin scholar


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