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2000-12-04 ... 14:05:28

I went past the 3 Penny Cinema on Lincoln Avenue on my way to Delilah's the other night, and they had arranged the 3 movies listed on their marquee like this:


Men of Honor


Well, yes, that makes a lot of sense.

I'm going to go take a yoga class during my lunch hour, so even though it's early I'm eating one of these Fantastic Foods mashed potato cups. Unlike some purists, I really don't have a problem with freeze-dried instant mashed potatoes. Maybe it's because I've so rarely had the "homemade" kind. As far as I'm concerned, if you made it at home it's homemade.

I cook most weeknights, as I've mentioned before. I cook vegetarian, since I am. But I have a bone to pick (ha ha! Non-vegetarian reference!) with most vegetarian cookbooks. A lot of them take the all-natural hippie thing way too far. They assume you want to start the night before, sorting through dried beans and cooking them for 6 hours. Screw that! Open the can and rinse. Black beans from a can and cooked-for-6-hours black beans, no real substantive difference. Trust me. Actually, my food scientist sister-in-law tells me that canned beans have a higher fiber content, since the industrial pressure-cooking process is so much faster and doesn't break down the beans as much.

Last night we went to this "cabaret" thing to see a jazz trio, since 2 of our friends were involved (bass and piano). It was good, but I feel that I was not adequately forewarned that it would be an entire show of Christmas songs. I could have done without that. When the holiday sentiment got to be too much, I played a little drinking game with myself wherein I took a sip of my cosmopolitan every time the word "Christmas" was sung. That helped a little.

Then we stayed up too late watching the Bears lose. Why must they suck so badly? And why must they suck so....UNCREATIVELY?? Oh look, here's Curtis Enis lining up as a tight end. And they're going to run that little screen thing, and if I know that you can bet your ass the Packers know that, and they will be stopped dead in their tracks. Ho hum.

Ahem. I apologize for my little football rant. Carry on.

---mimi smartypants


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