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2000-11-30 ... 18:12:18

I have brand-new black tights on today, fresh out of the package. Supposedly they use space-age fabrics (the label sports the neologism "microfiber") for these things, but I think they (meaning the tights) still need time to conform to one's body. This is the same brand I always get and still I'm having the occasional crotchal problem. And I'm sure that falls under the heading of Too Much Information.

Buying tights can be quite the trial sometimes. It's getting harder and harder to find any that are NOT "control top." Do we chicks really need to be reined in that badly? I already wear the size "small" and now you want me to be squeezed down even smaller? Actually, for me, it's less of a political issue than a medical one. I absolutely cannot wear that "control top" stuff, I'll puke. A band of constricting material across my abdomen is not exactly a happy thing. I hate tight clothing.

Here's something odd. There's a Bauhaus song called "Silent Hedges" wherein Peter Murphy sings the line, "Works of art with a minimum of steel." That's an exact quote from Brave New World. And not even an important quote, just kind of a throwaway quote. There's another song by Tones on Tail (which is something like two thirds of Bauhaus) called "Slender Fungus," which is another reference to Brave New World. (The description is of some office building, in the beginning of the book, which rises out of the skyline like a "taller, slenderer fungus." I may not have that quotation exactly right so be gentle with me.)

So the question is, what exactly is Bauhaus' obsession with Huxley? I've poked around on a few Bauhaus/Murphy websites and have turned up nothing. (Actually, that's not quite fan expressed his gratitude that they had written a song "about" Brave New World since it was his favorite book, but didn't elaborate.)

The above can go under the heading of Not Really Terribly Important.

I'm positive it will snow any minute now, the sky has that bottom-heavy look to it. I'm going out to drink and listen to music tonight. My original friend totally flaked so I called around and wheedled others into going with me. Once I get my mind set on beer and cigarettes and punk rock, there's no stopping me.

---the very driven mimi smartypants


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