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1999-11-12 ... 12:21:12

I cannot believe it's November (the middle of, even). I cannot believe I will soon be Thanksgiving-ing in Paris. I really cannot believe that right on the heels of that is Xmas. For some reason this year I'm really not into the shopping aspect of Xmas. I think I will be all about shopping online, since the thought of malls or department stores, even organized and with a list in hand, fills me with dread.

Of course, if you order things like books or CDs online as gifts for other people, it's all too easy to throw in a thing or two for yourself. I ordered some CDs for my sister and then a CD copy of the Pixies "Surfer Rosa" (since I have the tape, but no tape deck, which is kind of pointless), and CDNow, the bastards, comes back and tells me it's on backorder, and that was 2 weeks ago. What the hell? I can't imagine this being an album that's difficult to get ahold of.

And I like to end sentences (and paragraphs) with prepositions, thank you very much.

Um. I'm full of lunch and not in the mood to work. Or to write in my diary, really. Maybe I'll go read someone else's.

---mimi smartypants


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