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1999-11-10 ... 13:52:50

I'm not dead or horrifyingly maimed, I just haven't had time to update this in quite a while. I've been going to work at 7:30 and staying until 5:30 and having these crazy crazy rushing around times in between. (Yes, I know, your heart bleeds for me...) But now I feel I've finally gotten my managing editors legs and those things (meaning the late hours and the not updating) are going to STOP.

Last weekend a bunch of us went bowling for Liza's birthday. I forgot how much fun bowling is. You can talk when it's not your turn, you can test your skill or lack thereof, and you can drink BEER! Like, how many sports are there where you can play and drink at the same time? I almost never go bowling, but when I do I have so much fun, and I think: Why don't we do this more often?

I think I get the award for the most inconsistent bowler, however. I'll roll 2 gutter balls and then get a strike the next frame. And I have no idea how I do it. I don't aim, I don't have a pattern or routine, I mostly just try to zone out and empty my mind and stare at the reflections of the pins in the lane and then I just...BOWL. It's like using the Force or something. Zen bowling.

Sorry to gush on about bowling, but bowling and I have a limited history. I bowled for the first time after my wedding reception. I had an afternoon wedding and a cocktail reception, and after all the relatives left our friends and I were all staying in the hotel where I got married, and so we drank some more in our "bridal suite" and then all went to the bowling alley where we had reserved 4 lanes and bowled like crazy people. The rationale for this whole thing is that I had never bowled before, and you have to do SOMETHING for the first time on your wedding night, heh heh.

I don't know how I managed to grow up Midwestern without having bowled. It shall always remain a mystery.

Incidentally, one of the many things that make Chicago so very cool and fascinating is the 24-hour bowling alley at Waveland and Western. I wonder how many people go bowl at 5 am?


Someone at work posted this hilarious note in the bathroom on my floor here...she bothered to type it and laser print it and says "Ladies! Please do not leave your toothpaste droppings [?] in the sink! It is inconsiderate and unsanitary!"

Inconsiderate I can sort of understand, but unsanitary?

It occurs to me that no matter what foul happening he encountered in a washroom, a man would never type out a little note telling folks what he thought of that behavior.

Or am I wrong? I haven't been in too terribly many workplace men's bathrooms. Someone please correct me if indeed the little notes are found there too.

Today is the anniversary of Arthur Rimbaud's death, and it is appropriately foggy and dank and French Symbolist outside...also appropriately I'm meeting Kat after work for drinks and possibly poetic conversation. So there.

Any Rimbaud fans out there?

I am the scholar of the dark armchair,

---mimi smartypants


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