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1999-11-15 ... 12:57:45

I'm at work. As usual. This author hand-wrote his response to my edits and in his terrible handwriting, every time he wrote "antibody" (many, many times), it looks to me like "ant daddy."

Dig that, you crazy ant daddy!

Rather sedate weekend. Friday I went out for drinks after work, as did LT (separate drinks, with separate coworkers) and when we met up again at home we rented Blair Witch Project. Yeah I know, I'm slow, but I hadn't seen it yet.

It was scary, but not as scary as I thought it would be. I was very tense all the way through it, though. That might of been less because of the scary stuff than because of all the yelling and fighting, the "Lord of the Flies" psychological stuff when their minds and relationships started to fall apart. I'm not very good at confrontation, and yelling (even fictional, filmic, yelling) makes me tense.

Overall, pretty good movie, though.

Saturday we went to see some improv...the troupe that opened for Baby Wants Candy was beyond horrible (um, timing much? FUNNY MUCH?) but as usual Baby Wants Candy was great. Go see them, all you Chicago-area diaryland folk.

This weekend I also went slightly nuts with the cleaning and "Swiffered" the whole apartment. Do you know of this contraption? It's like a stick mop and you stick these disposable cloths over the head of it and run it over the floors, and it gets up the most unbelivable collection of dirt and dust and cat hair. It is the bomb. Believe the hype. Especially if you have a cat, because we all know sweeping up cat hair is a bitch and one usually ends up chasing tumbleweeds of cat hair around to no avail (LT refers to this as the "Cat Hair Rodeo.") Swiffer, man. It's where it's at.

I'm out.

---mimi smartypants


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