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1999-10-26 ... 12:28:48

I just had a lovely lunch of diet pepsi and wheat thins. I am unfortunately somewhat addicted to these snack foods. Even the sight of that sunny yellow cracker box makes me happy. And if they ever discover that Nutrasweet makes your head fall off or something, I'm totally screwed. Actually I don't drink that much diet pepsi, but it is an absolute must with wheat thins. So there you have it. Lunch.

Tonight we're having the ever-fabulous George, a friend from college, over for fondue. It's so very 70s, but I love fondue. My parents gave me one of their fondue pots last year (they got married in 1969, so they had multiple fondue pots---it apparently was the fad of the moment) and ever since then we've been hooked on the melted cheese. I need to go shopping after work for cheese and bread and such. Of course this is all theoretical at this point as George never responded to my message telling him to come over at 7. I hope he doesn't cancel, as I don't want to buy all kinds of fancy cheese and get stuck eating it ourselves!

I was woken up in a...rather DELICIOUS way by LT this morning, so I'm in a good mood. Or I was before a certain editor called and snarked at me. Go to hell! Everyone! I am mimi smartypants, how dare you snark at me!

Calm. Serenity now, etc.

Big important (snort) meeting in half and hour so perhaps I should skedaddle.

---mimi smartypants


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