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1999-10-25 ... 14:50:02

Things I have seen recently:

A man on the train who had drawn a very realistic-looking watch on his wrist in ballpoint pen.

A woman with a tattoo of a birthday cake.

Two pigeons fighting.

Did you know I have a history of fainting in public places? I hate to be such a weak sister, but I'm just a swooner. It's so Victorian of me. I've fainted in church (as a child, natch), in a toy store, in a restaurant, on a city bus (this was horribly embarassing as they insisted on calling an ambulance and the bus blocked downtown traffic for half an hour and it made the radio traffic report and I made all those nice people late for work), several times on an El platform, in a library, etc. Seems to happen more often in the summer. My propensity to lose consicousness must be related to being overheated.

And I eat breakfast and everything!

Not sure why I bring it up now, as I feel fine. Except for the headache that is work. Ever since I took over as managing editor there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I just blink and it's time to leave. And there's not much incentive to stay late now that I'm salary. Yeah, I'm so dedicated.

Yesterday LT and I went to the zoo. I love the zoo. All the animals seemed pretty sleepy yesterday, though. They inspired me, so after we took the bus back home I hopped straight in the bed for a nap.

Mmmm, nap. Why don't we have "nap rooms" at work?

---mimi smartypants


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