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1999-10-27 ... 13:59:15

The fondue was a rousing success and we had a nice visit with George. (Sorry to be so abrupt, but I don't have time for all that nicey nicey "introduction to an entry" stuff. I am a BUSY WOMAN!) (hee hee, I crack myself up.) Well, fondue night was a success except for 2 things: (1) I drank too much wine, not so you'd notice at the time but I did have a crazy headache this morning; and (2) I set my shirt on fire. LT and George were both in the kitchen and I was leaning over the table doing something, forgetting there was a candle there, and my sleeve caught sort of modestly on fire. I put it out, but there was a big burn hole in my sleeve. (Good thing the stupid shirt was just from Target.) I quietly went into the bedroom and changed my shirt, and no one even noticed. Pretty embarassing, but LT and I laughed about it later. "You're a modern woman!" he said. "You're not used to having something as primitive as fire around the house!"

Of course we went right to bed after George left, since it was around 12:30, and didn't clean up or anything...I'm cringing just thinking about all the glasses and ashtrays and crap in my house. I'm going out after work with some of the other editors, maybe if I linger LT will get home first and start the hideous clean-up process.

Meetings, schmeetings. I'm off.

Turtle was give a hard shell finish,

---mimi smartypants


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