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1999-10-21 ... 13:49:52

Not only do I collect zines and antique ettiquette/housewifery books, and records that have the word "hi-fi" in the title, but I also have a collection of weird and wonderful consumer goods that are mostly food-oriented.

(1) Canned haggis. Purchased in Wales. Besides the fact that it's canned sheep intestines and oatmeal pudding, I find the directions for preparation to be the most frightening of all....they want you to somehow poke holes in the can itself and then boil the whole can for 40 MINUTES before consuming the contents.

(2) A candy bar called "Mr Long" that we bought in Egypt. The slogan is, "When You're This Long, People Call You Mister." Oh, my. Is that sexy or what. We have another Egyptian candy bar called "SuperNifty." I think that's cute.

(3) Also from the UK, a can of "Bachelor" brand Mushy Peas. That's what it says on the can. Mushy peas.

(4) A Japanese soft drink called Pocari Sweat.

(5) A box of cereal from Oman called "Rice Happies." The spokescreature is a seriously demented-looking rabbit. Like the sort of rabbit that would have minions. Evil minions. But "Rice Happies" is a great name.

Back here in the US, I also like the idea (not the cereal) of Count Chocula...the idea of the Undead hawking cereal makes me very very cheerful....

I'm at work and I can hear the clerk who sits behind me talking about steroids. I hope she's not considering morphing into SuperClerk.

Today my copy of "Project Grizzly," which I rented from Facets, arrived via UPS. I'ts supposedly about this guy who's obsessed with building a titanium suit that will withstand bear attacks. I am so looking forward to watching this. People with strange obsessions rock.

Last night I had sushi with Kat and inadvertently made her snort raw fish out her nose...she was having one of those "wasabi moments" where you just take too much and the head rush is kind of clearing out your sinuses, and I saw that this was happening to her and kind of leaned over and said, "Go with it! RIDE THE SNAKE!" I didn't think it was THAT funny, but she nearly choked. Come to think of it, it is pretty funny, probably more so when you're in the grip of a wasabi overdose.

Boy oh boy, what a disjointed entry. No information whatsoever. Amazing.

----mimi smartypants


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