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1999-10-22 ... 13:40:31

A proofreader just returned one of my articles to me: the one that has the 4-color photograph of an eyeball full of maggots. Isn't that nice? I love my job!

No sarcasm intended. I truly love the grotesque photographs that working in medical publishing gives me the opportunity to see. And the vocabulary! For instance, look up "helminthemesis" in any standard medical dictionary. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Hahahahaha! Wasn't that great? "The vomiting or expulsion through the mouth of intestinal worms."

I also once edited an article that had the word "neorectum." I went around all day calling everyone a neorectum. Oh, and "micropenis" is also a word. I wonder, at what size does a very very small penis become a "micropenis"? Someone needs to develop some standards here.

Today started out nice but is getting drearier and drearier. I like the idea of drinking heavily (what a shock) but I also like the idea of going home and sitting on the couch with The Cat, screening my calls and renting a movie.

Eyeball full of maggots? Anyone? Anyone?

---mimi smartypants, one gross girl


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