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1999-10-20 ... 13:25:57

Listening to the Cure on the headphones as I type, la la la. I remember when Disintegration was the album that summed up my adolescent angst. It's still pretty good, and as long as there's eyeliner and Tuesdays at Neo, that goth sensibility will never be truly stamped out for me. I'm such a poser.

Just walked to Whole Foods to pick up some lunch...I had a tabouli craving. One of those very SPECIFIC cravings. It had to be Cedars brand packaged tabouli, which (around here at least) is only available at Whole Foods. At least it was a healthy craving for once. I don't eat meat, and I generally eat fairly healthy food, but when those junk cravings hit, whoo boy. And they're always crazy specific. I don't crave chips, I crave Pringles. Or I must have a certain kind of cream cheese brownie (Corner Bakery makes a delectable one). Or it has to be Ben and Jerry's Toffee Coffee ice cream. Someone should map the neurons that cause weird specific cravings like that.

Did an online booking for the London hotel today...this vacation cannot come soon enough for me. Thanksgiving weekend in Paris with Bill and Sara, then London for another week. I love London. Indian restaurants! Portobello Road market! Victoria and Albert museum! We're also going to try and get in a visit to Beth and Rich, who live out in the country in Surrey. I know Beth from college, she's a big literature freak (did her master's on Austen), and we always giggle our fool heads off when we see each other (not often, considering the minor inconvenience of the Atlantic between us).

enough, already, mimi smartypants! You're boring us to tears with your food cravings and travel lust!



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