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2000-09-27 ... 16:06:19

I went to the dentist yesterday, and all was fine, and no one made any "you should have jaw surgery" type suggestions like the one that so angered me at the last dentist visit. My dentist is all the way down in Hyde Park (I never bothered trying to find another one when we my opinion finding even one nice, nonsadistic dentist is a miracle of sorts), so I had a huge long CTA extravaganza to get back home. On the way (still in a dental frame of mind) I noticed many, many dentists' offices, and I began noticing that dentists' offices often have a little logo of a happy smiling tooth somewhere on the sign. They do. Check it out sometime. There must be hundreds of happy tooth logos in the windows and on the signage of dentists' offices in this city, indeed in any city. Happy smiling teeth in neon, on metal signs, painted directly on the window.

I think this would be an awesome idea for a photo collage. I need to start carrying a camera everywhere I go and take pictures of all the happy teeth.

The "goody bag" (wow, thanks for the floss!) they gave me at the dentist contains a line drawing of a not only happy tooth, but a fucking ECSTATIC tooth, with his mouth (mouth? on a tooth?) open in a shriek of joy. AND, get this, he (she? I just think of the tooth as masculine, somehow) is also accompanied by a happy toothbrush and a VERY happy box of floss. No toothpaste in sight. Perhaps the toothpaste couldn't make the gathering, or maybe he/she/it is naturally melancholy. I would be, if my main goal in life were to be squeezed from the bottom.

Speaking of toothpaste, I was at Osco recently and noticed that Colgate manufactures both "Tartar Control Plus Whitening" and "Whitening Plus Tartar Control" formulas. Eerie!

---the dentally obsessed mimi smartypants


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