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2000-09-22 ... 18:38:36

I like to think of myself as not vain and shallow, but recently, at someone's wedding, I ran into an old flame (or rather, "someone I used to date/drink with/sleep with in that bizarre not-dating college fashion")and he leaned in to give me a hug and said, "Oh wow, you still wear the same perfume." Which I do. And I was weirdly gratified that someone remembered my smell. Isn't that odd?

I'm in a strange mood today...strangely craving strange drinks while I sit at my strange desk...I want nothing more to be drinking Pernod or grappa or some equally bizarre and vile beverage while staring morosely out the window of some Left Bank cafe. If I were in high school right now, I'd have a Cure album on now and be playing with a cigarette lighter while writing a poem that misspells/misuses the words "funeral bier" and "ethereal." But I am supposedly an adult, so I'm writing this entry instead and will probably do nothing more dramatic with my evening than meet Kat for our Friday night drinks, go home, talk to LT, read Lorrie Moore, and go to bed. Curse this fall season! It makes me full of hyperbole.

And now I really should go. I've accomplished very little today. Well, I did make a pig out of an eraser, pushpins, and a pipe cleaner for the tail. But I've accomplished very little editing, which is why they pay me.

---m. smartypants


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