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2000-10-02 ... 12:44:53

Why is there so much air traffic over my building? Is it really necessary for planes leaving Chicago to fly over the Loop? (Um, well yes, probably.) Every time I look up from the monitor out the gray gray window there's a plane cruising by.

Another sentence ended with a preposition! Yes! Yes!

I'm hungry. And ediitng an aritcle about childhood obesity isn't helping. Mmmm, fat kids.

This weekend we spent a lot of money. The stereo receiver completely died (wouldn't even turn on anymore), so we bought another cheap one. Yes, the throwaway culture. But it's actually cheaper than getting the old one repaired. And the old one lasted about 15 years, so I don't feel too bad. Then there was the $100 or so I dropped at Target. And let's not get into the unspecified (sorry, too drunk to count) amount of cash I left at various bars on Friday night. Ah well. At least the Visa bill is gone, gone, gone! Paid off completely! It feels oh so nice.

Did I ever tell you that David Duchovny once stepped on my foot? It is true. A pathetic and sad "brush with fame" but a brush nonetheless. Last year I went to Borders (ecchhh) to hear David Foster Wallace read, because he is one of my absolute favorite authors these days, and while he (DFW) was signing my book (I waited in line and everything) the Borders lady standing next to him said, "Oh it's true, David Duchovny is here," and DFW just looked up at her and said, "Mulder?" and started scanning the place for thing I know some guy (DD) clumsily bumped into me and steps on my foot (goddammit Mulder!) as he tries to sort of lunge across the table to shake Wallace's hand...DD said, "Im sorry I missed your reading, I like your work" and DFW with total stars in his eyes was like "I like YOUR work" and I can't get out from the middle of this celebrity lovefest because DFW still has my book he hasn't signed yet. It was quite the amusing moment.

In mere hours I have to go to get all vaccinated for India. Ick. But I suppose it's better than cholera. (Wasn't that a movie? Better Than Cholera? Yikes, I'm hallucinating already.)

---the feverish mimi smartypants


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