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2000-09-05 ... 13:49:38

I was reading this collection of essays about body image and weight issues and plastic surgery etc, and the stuff about plastic surgery was really freaking me out, because call me kooky but I just cannot see getting sliced open unless you absolutely had to. Getting sliced open and some substance stuffed inside of you, in the case of breast and collagen implants. I mean, that is just disgusting.

I was also thinking that there should be some cut-off point at which people who have silicone this and saline that can not be called "human." Because way too high a percentage of their bodies would be artificial stuff, we would need to come up with a new category for these folks. Michael Jackson would definitely qualify. I would really like to know what's up with that man, since if you see footage or photographs of what he used to look like you can't really believe it's the same person. (Should "person" be in quotes there?)

This is what happens when I get too hungry, I write bad diaryland entries.

---mimi "no preservatives" smartypants


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