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2000-09-08 ... 18:06:00

Let us discuss.

I can't fight this feeling anymore./I've forgotten what I started fighting for./It's time to bring this ship into the shore,/throw away the oars, forever.

And so on.

(1) What sort of "ship" does one row? Is this like a pirate ship? A viking ship? "Ship" implies a large vessel, which would be impossible to row by oneself, and nowhere is there mention (nor even implication) of a crew.

(2) Very bad mistake to throw away the oars, methinks. Although I realize that REO Speedwagon is using the ship/oars thing as a sort of metaphor for monogamy (note: this is one of the few times you will hear "REO Speedwagon" and "metaphor" in the same sentence), and for the male speaker deciding to settle down with his one and only, you still may as well keep the oars. What if SHE wants to row somewhere? What if they want to row somewhere together? It's incredibly short-sighted. And why throw them away? I can see maybe putting them in a boathouse or a storage locker. But don't get rid of them entirely.

Of course, nowhere is it said that the place he "rowed" his "ship" to is an island, and, even if it is, that the only way to get there is a water crossing. So perhaps there is an airport or light rail system nearby. Still, keep the damn oars. Jeez, you can tell he's some kind of rich rock star, throwing away perfectly good oars right and left.

---mimi "More Than a Feeling" smartypants


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