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2000-08-15 ... 13:19:22

Been watching some television, believe it or not. I'm hooked on the Powerpuff Girls. I'm embarassed to admit I want the CD.

I've also become weirdly fascinated with this thing called the World's Strongest Man competition. Have you seen this? It's on ESPN (motto: We're Running Out of Sports) like every 15 minutes. Ridiculously huge guys do ridiculous things like tow buses and throw kegs over 16-foot stone walls and drag anchor chains and stuff. How does one train for that sort of thing? Anyway, whenever I'm doing the channel flip thing, I cannot help but stop and stare and the massive piles of manhood. Those necks! Those guts!

I like thinking about the buffet staff at their hotels panicking whenever one of the contestants shows up for lunch. Those guys must be able to eat a lot.

I just searched the Web for "World's Strongest Man" and found a curious lack of irony: a lot of real, very serious fan sites where you can vote for your favorite strongman and the like. No thanks. I'm really only interested in gawking at the giant freak-men.

One of our psychiatry journals has published the BEST drug ad: a 2-page spread for a very serious antipsychotic (a "chemical straitjacket" sort of thing) that has a guy looking kind of crazy, and then he's apparently taken the drug and calmed down enough to chop some apples (I can't believe they showed this guy with a knife in his hand, given people's automatic and unwarranted stereotypes about the mentally ill), and then he's serving apple pie to this older couple, who truth be told look a little worried...I picture him saying, "Hello, I'm psychotic. Would you like some pie?" or something like that.

Bad thing: it's hopelessly muggy and humid here. Good thing: I saw a cat in an apartment window on my El ride to work, which always makes me happy. Bad thing: my barrette snapped today, and mysteriously I have no rubber bands, so I have to have my hair down and every which way when I did not plan on doing so. Good thing: the cranberry muffins are back in the cafeteria, so I was able to have a nice mid-morning snack.

So far, things have balanced out.

---mimi smartypants


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