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2000-08-09 ... 17:50:55

I propose that every cubicle and every office in every place of business in America be equipped with emergency copies of the complete Pixies discography, for it is absolutely impossible to be psychotically depressed when listening to the Pixies (au contraire, the Pixies always seem to make me psychotically happy), and I think this would cut down on a lot of violence in the workplace.

Unfortunately, I'm sitting here Pixies-free at the moment. I have got to remember to burn some CDs so I can at least have the essentials (Pixies, Talking Heads, and Sleater-Kinney) here at the office all the time.

August shall otherwise be known as Spend Money on LT Month. Last weekend we went and bought him a suit, and those Men's Wearhouse guys really know how to sell you stuff. We walked out with the suit (well, not walked out, since it needs to be tailored a bit), 2 shirts, and 2 ties. And last night he picked out glasses frames, to go with the updated prescription, so he will even be able to see how good he looks in the suit. See, it all ties together.

I just finished Hannibal, the sequel to Silence of the Lambs, and yes it was schlocky and kind of awful but entertaining nonetheless. Before that I had read a book about the My Lai massacre, and Six Figures, by Daniel Leebron, a novel about a man who may or may not have hit his wife in the head with a hammer. Cheery cheery stuff. No wonder I can't sleep.

----mimi smartypants


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