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2000-08-16 ... 14:13:42

I am quite bored right now. Our database, which contains manuscripts and articles (in short, my reason for being here) is broken, and as the day drags on it doesn't look like the IT nerds are going to be successful anytime soon. I was passing the time by playing this little on-line Shockwave video game called "Smite Thee," in which you, as deity, bless the believers who are carrying offerings and strike down the unbelievers who are destroying your temple, but of course I did not read the directions until later and played the game several times just smiting everyone indiscriminantly. I am a capricious god.

Last night there was a very weird smell in our living room. It smelled like a beauty parlor, like that permanent wave solution. LT and I sniffed everywhere, went down to the basement to check for gas leaks, confirmed that it wasn't coming from outside, confirmed that it was confined to the living room, and generally wandered around puzzled. I imagined I was getting dizzy but I think that was mostly from breathing real deeply as I tried to smell the smell. We turned off the lights in the living room and strangely, that seemed to help, although it definitely wasn't an electrical type of smell but, as previously stated, a beauty salon type of smell. Now I'm worried that (1) there's some sort of toxic substance in the house and The Cat's little cat lungs are becoming damaged or (2) it really was electrical and our house is burning down as we speak.

DON'T SAY IT DON'T SAY IT DON'T SAY IT! Yes, I know it's very amusing and everything, but remember this is Crazy OCD Me. I really have had this low-level anxiety about these things all day and it's driving me nuts. I don't know of any way to check on the safety and integrity of my house and cat other than going home and checking on it, which I cannot do because I am at work, and which I also cannot do because that's just too crazy. As in, leaving the realm of the Amusing Crazy and crossing over into Pathetic and Sad and In Need of Medication Crazy.

OK, I'm going to work on calm.

---m. smartypants, who apologizes for this entry.


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