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2000-06-12 ... 16:58:37

I was just on some dumb-ass Web page, looking up something for work, and said dumb-ass Web page had a dumb-ass "Vote for the Most Influential Person of the 20th Century" poll or something like that. You would think we'd be done with all that millennial stuff by now. Also, I've never understood why people feel compelled to give their opinion on meaningless stuff like this yet we have like a .00005% voter turnout every election. But I digress. What was especially annoying was that Jesus Christ was currently winning this poll. He was way, WAY ahead. First: whatever. Second: may I remind folks that Jesus Christ did not actually LIVE in the 20th century. Regardless of what you think of the guy, he is INELIGIBLE.

I picture some vast fundamentalist phone tree or listserv, "hey, go to www.somethingorother and vote for Jesus! Ignore the clearly stated rules! Jesus is the man! Whoo hoo!"


(Now I don't mean all christians are idiots, so no e-mail flames, please. But you have to admit voting for Jesus as a 20th-century person is pretty idiotic.)

Speaking of stupid polls, here's something else that made me laugh recently: I'm flipping channels and come upon the results of some CNN poll. It was a phone-in poll, and a toll call, by the way. $1.50 per call. Well, I forget the question, but X number of people said "yes," X number said "no," and a surprisingly large percentage---like 2% or something---said "No opinion." Now why would you phone in and spend $1.50 to voice an opinion you don't have?

---m. smartypants, who's fulla opinions


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