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2000-06-14 ... 11:51:35

Confession: I like Will Smith. I like that video where he's running around in the different colored parkas and there's the part where it was filmed live during halftime at a Knicks game. I like the fact that he's rich and powerful enough to film his video during halftime at a Knicks game. I like how he doesn't use any swear words in his raps.

It cracked me up when The Onion had the headline declaring "Will Smith, The Black Man All of America Can Agree On." So true!

They say confession is good for the soul, but I feel all dirty now. My indie and goth "cred" (if indeed I ever had any, and if indeed you believe in the validity of such concepts, which I most decidedly do not) is rapidly draining away.

The painfully talented squibnocket (at, of course) has designed a mega-cool template for this journal I just have to get off my ass and muck around with the coding to get it up here. It may take a while. I may even have to hire a consultant, I'm that pitiful. (Just kidding...I hope.) But I didn't want dear squib to think I was ungrateful. I am. (Grateful, that is.)

I'm starting to sound like a blithering idiot, which means it's time for tea. Must have caffeine.

---mimi "Earl Grey, please" smartypants


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