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2000-06-09 ... 11:17:51

I hate summer clothing. I tried to go buy some more shirts yesterday, as I am woefully short on lightweight stuff, but it just didn't work. Everything was all stretchy and skank-ho. I can't wear tight clothing, it freaks me out somehow. Too much time spent in Middle Eastern countries, perhaps?

I should have known better than to go try on clothes when I'm all sad and premenstrual anyway. Not good for the self-esteem.

Ever notice that Hello Kitty has no mouth? I saw someone with a Hello Kitty beach-type bag on the train yesterday, and Hello Kitty was holding a tropical drink. But how is she going to drink it? How, how, how?

Ack, it's becoming ever more obvious I have nothing to say. This day had better go by quickly. I'm already cranky because we're not allowed to have casual Friday...the Board of Trustees is here. So? Are they going to clutch their (collective) chests and fall to the floor at the sight of my cargo pants? And if it's imperative that we all match each other's level of casualness, why not ask the Board to dress casually?

My very feeble, quiet protest is to wear a skirt with my Chuck Taylor basketball shoes. But I was very careful to leave my hair down...the combination of these shoes and a ponytail cracks up my coworkers. I look about 12 years old then. I got lots of "Take Our Daughters to Work Day" jokes. Note to self: sneakers ok, ponytail ok, but never, never in combination if you need to be taken at all seriously.

---mimi smartypants


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