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2000-04-19 ... 13:09:25

A strange day with truly not a lot to do. I'm scared to say (type) that out loud, since karma dictates that a huge mass o' odious tasks will then shortly arrive in the in box.

So how exactly does Joyce Carol Oates manage to put out 1 well-received novel a year? She's never been my favorite flavor of tea, but the ho sure is prolific. I liked "Monster," or "Zombie" or whatever it was called, even though she cribbed a lot of it from Dennis Cooper. Hey, we can't all be original all of the time.

So I had a dream (like you care) that LT and I ran into a friend of ours in Istanbul and he couldn't pay his hotel bill. We were going to pay it but it really was huge...tens of thousands of dollars. Sorry, pal.

Presidential races make me nauseous. Can we all just admit to ourselves that this democratic process stuff as currently practiced is crap? I'm all for voting, but candidates should not be allowed to campaign or make speeches or be on TV. Each candidate should have to submit an essay or diorama or book report or something, we'll judge them that way. Or maybe give them each a locker to decorate, and whoever does the best job wins. Did you ever do the locker decorating/collage making thing? It truly is a teenage art, like the mix tape.

Eeeesh. I sound like some kind of crabby grandma. That would be a good name for a band, Crabby Grandma.

I was yet again watching the "Emergency Vet" show on Animal Planet last night (I think it's becoming an addiction of sorts) and one of the cases was a Labrador Retriever who ate a rock. Now that is one dumb dog. You'd never see a cat eat a rock. My cat ate a rubber band once, but never mind that.

c'est plus qu'un crime, c'est une faute,

---mimi smartypants


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