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2000-04-28 ... 12:15:23

Yesterday the stupid salad bar in the stupid corporate cafeteria here made me sick. Like, bathroom sick. Yuck. Never again shall I partake of the stupid salad bar. I'm also making plans to strike against it on May Day. A General Strike Against the Salad Bar: Workers Unite!

Tomorrow we go out to look at condos with the real estate agent for the first time. I'm kind of scared that we are going to find the perfect thing, at the perfect price, in the perfect neighborhood the first time out and then all sorts of scary complicated loan application stuff will be set in motion that I am not mentally prepared for. Isn't that a stupid thing to be scared of?

In case you haven't noticed, the word for today is "stupid." Tune in next time when the word of the day will be "photosynthesis."

I was wondering yesterday why big honking [stupid] SUV's often have a sign on the back (like a metal sign, part of the design of the car) that says, "4-Wheel Drive." Who needs to know? So I'm driving behind you and I'm like, "Ah yes, that man has 4-wheel drive! I should follow him and watch him not get stuck in the mud or witness his superb parking-on-a-hill abilities!"

I'm editing this article now (well, not RIGHT now) and one of the authors is named Gerald Croissant. How cool is that? I wish my last name was Croissant. Or at least Cruller or Glazed or something.

---mimi smartypants


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