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2000-04-18 ... 13:10:18

I'm reading "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle," and it's pretty good, but not a lot is happening. Then again, why am I surprised that not a lot is happening in a Japanese novel.

Went drinking with Sam (Sam the Friend, not Sam the Landlord) the other night and he came up with the most awesome phrase: "shackled to the Galloping Horses of Woe." I repeated it a lot last night as I fell into my customary evening despair. I'm not sure why I often feel so depressed in the evenings. Something about the day being over, work tomorrow, and the routine of dinner, television, house-tidying, reading, and bed just makes me sad.

LT unleashed a really funny rant last night, though, about biographies of Abraham Lincoln. He doesn't want to see another goddamn biography of Abraham Lincoln get published ever again. We're done! he says. There is nothing left to write about!

Historians can get upset about the strangest things.

If I may bring up Lincoln one more time, however, it has not yet been widely acknowledged in biographies that he was an avid guzzler of caustic liquids, as in the immortal jump rope rhyme:

Lincoln Lincoln I've been thinkin'/What the heck have you been drinkin'?/Is it whiskey? Is it wine?/Oh my gosh it's turpentine!

American Civil War History, As Presented in Jump Rope Rhymes, by Mimi Smartypants.

Sad that Edward Gorey died, no? I was always kind of a Gloomcookie kid, so I identified with his books and drawings a lot. I re-read the big "Amphigorey" last night by candlelight, in tribute.

I'll have a more focused entry tomorrow, I promise. Well, I don't promise, but I reiterate my intent to be more amusing, disciplined, etc.

---ms. mimi smartypants


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