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2000-04-17 ... 08:58:25

Remember when, in my wonderful, boneheaded fashion, I wiped my makeup-covered fingers on my black jacket? And wrote about it here? Something almost as good occurred yesterday...I washed my hair and, instead of spritzing it with leave-in conditioner as I normally do, grabbed the first spritzer-type bottle on the counter and went to town on my head. Said spritzer bottle contained this body oil stuff. Yup, all over my clean head. Back in the shower for me. Sigh.

And I wasn't hungover or anything. Just stupid. And then, oily-headed.

Was supposed to go twirl around at Neo with Kat Saturday night, but she started feeling lame and sick and ended up not going. Of course she didn't call to tell me this until I already had all my vampirella makeup on and was about to step into several yards of velvet, so I said "screw it" and went by myself. I had a good time, too, they played good songs and I danced and talked to some folks and, weirdly, ran into my step-brother-in-law, whom I've met like exactly twice (and not when I was wearing yards of velvet and 6 pounds of eyeliner, either) and yet he recognized me. Strange evening. I nursed one vodka cranberry, mostly focused on dancing, and caught a cab home at around 3:30 am.

So I'm happy, even though it's Monday, because I went out both nights and for once feel like I had a weekend. Now I have to go run a meeting (oooh! So authoritarian!).

---mimi smartypants


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