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2001-04-04 ... 11:39 a.m.

Look at this picture. Don't you love these women? Such attitude! That does it, tonight is going to be all about hanging out in a hat and stockings (and nothing else) and smoking cigarettes.

(I believe they are prostitutes from the 1920s, although I've misplaced the photo credit. So please don't sue me if you own the rights to this picture or if one of these ladies is your grandma or something.)

I finished my huge-ass Rimbaud biography and now I'm fishing about for something else to read. I've got to get to the library this afternoon or I shall go mad. Headline: Girl Goes Mad Owing to Lack of Reading Material. That would not be good.

One good nugget from the Rimbaud biography: While working as a gun runner in Ethiopia, Rimbaud was working on a French/Amharic phrasebook, and one of the phrases he chose to include was "Look, there is a hippopotamus. Let us flee!"

A must for every traveler. I would like to know that in every language.

I highly recommend reading this poem by Rimbaud; and if you worry your little literal head about "understanding" it, I shall personally come over and bite you. Just read it and trance out on the wonderful, wonderful words. If it's this good in translation, I wish I read French.

And if you always wanted to read Eliot's "The Waste Land" but were daunted by its length and complexity, here it is in limerick form.

What's your position on escalators? I feel that escalators are designed to augment your progess. They are not meant to replace your leg power, just add to it. Therefore, I always walk up the stairs of an escalator, and get annoyed with people who don't stand to the side in order to allow me to do so. One of my very best friends, however, violently disagrees with me, and says that escalators are a little break in your day, a small reminder to slow the fuck down, and that she likes to just pause and let herself be borne along. And that sounds lovely. And I wish I could do that instead of being all focused on getting somewhere. I must try it sometime and see what it feels like.

----mimi "outta my way" smartypants


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