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2001-04-03 ... 10:30 a.m.

Tracking the stats some more: someone came to my page from a google search for "delightfully garbled," which I think pretty much represents the sort of thing that goes on here.

I have the weirdest medical problems. About 3 months ago I noticed this lumpy thing on my wrist bone, but since I have fairly knobby wrists anyway, I didn't think much of it. Except that it got bigger, so I go to the doctor, and I have a ganglion cyst. I've met with the hand surgeon, who looked a whole lot like Gene Hackman (I can't decide if thatís reassuring or very very scary), and he said that while the cyst could just stay there, he recommends it be removed surgically so it won't cause problems in the future. Part of me wants to be all cynical and say, "Well of course he wants to remove it surgically, he's a SURGEON," but part of me really wants it gone. The surgery doesn't sound all that appetizing, however (the phrase "dissecting down into your wrist joint" kept getting used), so I've been putting off making the call and getting it scheduled. Plus I probably should call the insurance and make sure this will be paid for, and being on hold there is not one of my favorite things either. I know, excuses, excuses.

LT has been after me to get this done, and calling me "The Girl From the Planet Ganglion."

Those crazy and loveable Saudis have issued a fatwa against Pokemon. That just cracks me up.

---mimi pokemon smartypants


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