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2001-04-02 ... 1:56 p.m.

For literature geeks only: The author (who is intriguingly named Sven...Iíve always wanted to meet a Sven) uses the "new" posthumous Raymond Carver book as a jumping-off point to disucss a "new" style of literature...meaning long complex sentences a la David Foster Wallace and Dave Eggers, etc. I think he misses a lovely opening to discuss the way postmodernism and instability and the so-called death of the author have made it nigh-impossible (nigh, I say, nigh) for short, declarative sentences to carry the day, but it is an interesting article nonetheless. And if you made it this far into this entry, you're a very very patient person. I love you. Mwah.

Arrggh, today. If I were to draw a picture of myself as I feel today, it would be a little frail stick person with sharp jagged teeth. I'm all eeegly and ooogly and on edge. I've already pseudo-snapped at serveral people on the was a guy who asked me, "Now ma'am, are you in the Memphis metropolitan area?" to which I just had to reply, "No, thank goodness."

Our cat is not allowed on the dining room table, or on the kitchen counters, and for the most part she's very good about this. You can train a cat, you just have to start early. Also, it helps if your cat is fat and lazy like mine and really isn't in the mood to jump up on the counters. That's why this morning was such a shock. I'm eating breakfast and the cat suddenly jumps up on the table, right in front of me. Such amazingly bad behavior, and I'm sitting right there. She could at least be a little devious about it.

You know these little capsules that you put in warm water and a foam animal emerges? Do you? Well, get some. And do them inside your mouth, with beer. This was great fun recently, at a bar with Kat I had one in my mouth, almost finished exploding, when a guy sat down near us and said, "Hi" in that I'm-going-to-chat-you-up way. I held up a finger to say, "Wait a minute," leaned over the bar, and spat a foam brontosaurus onto the bar top. He didn't stay long. It was beautiful.

---mimi smartypants


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