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2002-02-08 ... 5:45 a.m.




Amen, brother. Especially the part in boldface. People are way too focused on making something out of nothing, which is ridiculous when you consider the vast, teeming, insanely interesting network of somethings that entangles and surrounds us.

How frequently do we masturbate? Since a full half of my Google search referrals have to do with self-abuse (which I realize is my own damn fault for posting that story about the guy whacking off on the train), I'm just going to throw in the towel (or gym sock! ha! heh heh) and include masturbation stuff on purpose now. These guys are keeping track, for some reason.

Again I am inviting the hate mail. But C. Paglia is one of my least favorite contemporary thinkers, because pardon me darling but your gender/porn rap is STALE and Freud, biological determinism, and immanence vs transcendence are not exactly groundbreaking either, and you also seem to have some huge chip on your shoulder about not being taken seriously as an academic, and the fact that you believe your own hype and make very little sense when you speak may have something to do with that. Anyway, my caffeinated rant ends here, and I'll just link this page that has a little quiz at the top about Camille Paglia and then a bunch of links. Stick with the quiz, that's my advice. And think twice before you send me the Paglia-defending hate mail, because my feelings are easily hurt. (Do you like how I passive-agressively manipulate you into swallowing your emotions? Do you? Huh? I rock.)

Speaking of quizzes, this one about James Joyce is quite difficult.

I got up crazy early today. Sleep was just done with me at a certain point, I guess, that point being about 3:45 am. So far so good; I'm upright and coherent (although you may beg to differ, and I like it when you beg) and drinking tea and performing the duties required of me. We'll have to wait and see if I fall apart this afternoon and curl up under my desk for a nap. The carpet under the desk, since it is never walked upon, looks fluffy and inviting.


Yes, I'm a very odd girl, but these sort of wack-ass bureaucratic FAQs are like found poetry to me. And it contains the phrase "momentary leakage by spurt on impact," which sort of fits with our sub-theme of masturbation. Also, "a removable head may be marked as provided by section 178.503(a)." May I mark your removable head? I promise to follow the code.

That's all for now. Have a fluffy, inviting weekend.

---mimi smartypants sounds her barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world.


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