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2000-01-24 ... 08:10:14

I really like this word, "groin."

I think maybe I'll move to Groinland and subscribe to Moist Groin magazine. Maybe I'll sign my children up for Groin Scouts. I could even volunteer to be the Denmother. I'll make groinmeal cookies for a snack.

On second thought, isn't "moist groin" redundant? I'm not sure if it's just that they have the same diphthong (hooray! I said diphthong!) or what, but somehow "groin" seems to imply "moist."

Sense? You wanted sense from this journal? Ha ha. And again, ha.

All right, let's make one last stab at something like a linear narrative. This weekend I went to this great benefit concert, Shelly and her band were involved so I could not miss it since I'm such a fan. There were a bunch of bands and each got to cover 2 Jacksons songs. It was delightfully weird. Descendro Allegro's punked-out cover of "Beat It" was my favorite, I think. I drank a lot of Old Style. I think I may be doomed to live in Chicago forever, since I actually don't mind Old Style. It's not bad. For a bad beer, that is. And it being $2 is really hard to argue with.

Ending sentences with prepositions, it's what I live for. (Hee hee!)

groin groin groinfully yours,

---m. smartypants


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