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2000-01-25 ... 11:21:45

Man, I'm at work and somebody's lunch smells really good (I almost wrote that the lunch SOUNDS good. As if they had described it to me, or as if the lunch itself was making a sound. What is the sound of one lunch steaming?). I think it's a tuna melt. I haven't had a good tuna melt in a while. I pretty much don't eat animals, although I'm not self-righteous about it (at least I hope I'm not), and there are 3 things I've been known to make an exception for...shrimp, a tuna melt, and certain kinds of sushi. (Not octopus, though. I saw this nature special on the octopus at a formative age, and there's a lot of evidence that the octopus is actually pretty intelligent, and for some reason that's stuck with me and now I can't eat our smart mollusk friend. Besides, those suckers look pretty alarming).

Today during lunch I hope to dash over to this video editing place and get some copies of my film made. Did I ever mention my film? If I didn't, it's because it's not really a great film, and neither do I consider it a masterpiece, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to make. A few years ago, on a whim (and I have many of those), I took this "class" with Heather McAdams, who's a filmmaker and cartoonist here in Chicago. It basically was an introduction to the 16-mm camera, and then we were turned loose to make a short black-and-white silent film. I did it mostly as a challenge to myself to make some art without words (coming as I did straight from the MFA program where I had been poetry-workshopped nearly to death) and also because I knew NOTHING about photography. I mean, I was starting at the beginning ("this is light..."). Plus, film is cool. It's "retro." People in the future will always be able to decode it (just hold the frames up to the light), unlike video or DVD or what have you. So long story short (yeah right mimi), I made an 8-minute black and white silent short about donuts. Well, not ABOUT donuts, as I couldn't write a straight narrative to save my life. But donuts are featured prominently.

I still have the original stock, which I painstakingly edited and taped together by hand, but I did have it transferred to video so as not to have to drag out a projector just to show it to people. Now I need other copies because a friend of mine turned me on to this cool video "chain letter" where you send in your work and you get it back with a whole tape full of other people's films. So even though everyone else's films are going to be far, far better than mine (because they are probably ACTUAL FILMMAKERS), I still think it's a cool idea and I want to particpate.

Like you care, right?

I'm listening to Beastie Boys on my headphones and let me just say this: anyone who samples Rachmaninoff in the middle of a rap song is, by definition, cool.

Enough of this drivel!

---ms. mimi smartypants


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