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2001-01-23 ... 18:53:18

This keyboard tray supposedly has some sort of locking mechanism, but sometimes it just decides to collapse on me. It's very disconcerting to be typing along happily and then just have your keyboard fall into your lap.

Is it weird that I get a little bit excited and happy when I see a rat? I like to see rats in the subway or in an alley, just trundling along and minding their little rat business. Doing their little rat thing. Hey, they don't know they're vermin. I don't particularly want the rat in my house or running over my leg, but it's kind of cool to see them outside, every once in a while.

So I'm trying to tie up all kinds of loose ends here before leaving work. Going home to pack, pet The Cat, wash my hair in a high-water-pressure Western shower for the last time for a while, throw away the milk and other perishables (don't really want to come home to a biohazard house), try to get some sleep, etc. Tomorrow it's off to the airport for an overnight flight to London, a short stayover w/some friends, and on to Delhi. I've added the notify list so you don't waste your precious surfing time visiting a Mimi Smartypants site that's just the same old entry. So sign up if you are so inclined.

One more thing. Remember when George W. called some reporter an "asshole" and it was overheard accidentally? I just read a fascinating article about obscenity in journalism and how different papers handle it, and that was the example they used. Some papers printed it, some did the "a__hole" thing, some said [expletive deleted], and The Washington Times, I kid you not, apparently said "Mr Bush employed a vulgar euphemism for a rectal aperture."


Remind me to call someone a rectal aperture in the near future. Also, isn't the asshole, well, THE rectal aperture?

---mimi smartypants, lowering the level of discourse on a daily basis.


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