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2001-02-20 ... 17:46:37

I am back, from India. And it was really a very cool trip. Delhi was dirty and gross, and reminded me of Cairo, minus the feral cats (Delhi seemed to go in more for feral dogs, feral monkeys, and wandering cows), but the rest of Rajasthan was lovely.

I think I learned a lot more on this trip than I ever have in traveling. I wasn't very up on Indian history before this, due partly to my own laziness and mostly to the American grade school/high school attitude toward teaching history, which kind of goes like this: "George Washington was a great man. And there was some other stuff going on in the rest of the world too." I remember learning about ancient Greece and Rome, and some English history, but almost nothing about Asia or the Far East. However, I do remmeber making a diorama of a Japanese tea plantation in second grade, for a project. Crafty Mimi!

Ack, where was I. Ah yes, India.

The Taj Mahal completely lives up to its much-photographed hype.

Auto-rickshaw drivers are absolute maniacs, and the traffic seemed scary at first, but soon I became completely calm about it.

In Agra, I saw a goat wearing a T-shirt. Its legs were through the arm holes.

Monkeys frighten me. Unfortunately they are everywhere in India.

I ate Indian food every single day and still am not sick of it. Mmmm, dosa. Mmmm, iddly sambar.

My Valentine's Day was spent with LT in a bar in Delhi, drinking lukewarm Kingfisher and watching cricket. Not that I understand cricket. Especially after 4 or 5 Kingfishers.

Even riding a camel for a mere 4 hours will result in some soreness in an intimate area.

In Osiyan, which is outside of Jodhpur, near the Pakistan border, I slept in a tent for the first time in my life. OK, it was a "luxury" tent with toilet, shower, and furniture. Still, it was fabric stretched on poles and I say it counts.

We saw a brand of gum (and I still am kicking myself for not buying some) called "Masticable." Talk about low expectations. All they claim for that gum is that you can chew it, that it will deform if you press it between your molars. What a great name.

I think that's all for now. Iím back at work today, and I wonder if I can remember how to do my job. We shall see.

Trying to get my diaryland sea legs back,

---mimi smartypants


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