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2001-01-22 ... 18:31:36

Remember when I had that (we won't call it a disorder. Damn it, we won't!) with the sea cucumber? How I simply could not stop thinking about the sea cucumber? Well, now I'm becoming slightly obsessed with this. It's a truly weird (and rather unworkable, methinks) idea, but fascinating nonetheless.

Friday must have been Crazy People Ride Free day on the Chicago transit system. That's really the only explanation for why my bus ride home featured not one but two bona fide freaks. The acting-out kind of crazy. Not the quiet kind of crazy, which I vastly prefer. The guy behind me kept screaming occasionally and pounding on the bus window with his fist. I actually moved so I could keep a better eye on him, as his having these violent outbursts right behind my head was not very conducive to my reading comprehension.

The other guy was a more interesting type of crazy. An older man with a yarmulke who was praying out loud in Hebrew, reading from a small prayer book of some kind. Only he had Tourette's, so it sounded like this: Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew FUCK! ASS! Hebrew Hebrew SUCK MY COCK! and so on. If god really listens to each individual prayer, he/she will get a jolt outta that one.

Here's another diary I like, and the backgrounds are quite creative. (Forgive me, but today seems to be a passing-the-buck kind of day.)

I'm going to India on Wednesday, and there's no way in hell this thing will be updated until I come back in mid-February. Do you think a notify list would be a good thing? Or do you promise just to check back next month? I sure would hate to lose track of you. Oh you! You're just too darn great.

---mimi "I validate your existence" smartypants


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