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2000-11-06 ... 16:38:29

I had a lovely weekend. It combined all the mandatory weekend things: both hanging around in bars and lying contendedly in my bed with a novel. Friday I had a very nice time with Kat, just the two of us for once, went out to the snooty sushi place and then to the Black Beetle for beer and conversation. We had to wait at the bar a bit while the snooty sushi place got our table ready, and had to keep a tight grip on ourselves to keep from laughing out loud at the ridiculous conversations we overheard there. For example, there was a group of young, well-dressed, obviously overpaid frat-boy types at the bar ostentatiously and loudly discussing cognac. They were incensed that the snooty sushi place had only one type of cognac. This led to a discussion of cognac in general (which seemed as it had been cribbed straight from some sidebar in Details) and of where they could go to acquire fine cognac. Various options were suggested, including Absinthe and Le Bouchon. However, the final consensus was that they would go to Alumni Club. What the fuck? It's kind of a Chicago thing, and for that insularity in this entry I apologize, but the first two places are rather swanky Wicker Park restaurants, whereas the latter is sort of an adult version of Chuck E. Cheese. We didn't quite follow the thought process there.

There's very little I hate more than a pissing contest about who knows more about some useless topic, like cognac, or Cuban cigars, or Ford vs Chevy, or whatever.

Be forewarned as the following is a little odd.

I really love the Brillo box. Yes, I know, me and Andy Warhol, right? But it is a lovely package design and I feel compelled to buy some every time I find it even though we don't have much use for steel wool. The boxes are stacked in a large pyramid in my dining room now, and let me tell you, the lovely package design only gets better in multiples. I plan to eventually hot-glue-gun all the boxes together into a cube and then polyurethane the whole thing. Although I have somewhat shaky geometry skills, I've calculated I'll need about 70-100 Brillo boxes. The size I need (the box of 10) was on sale this weekend at Osco for $1.09, so I stocked up. And thus came a bit closer to Realizing My Dream.

Here's your celebrity gossip for the day: Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney is, apparently, pregnant. Congrats! Although I'm not positive that diapers are much rock and roll fun.

Vote for Al Gore tomorrow and he'll take off his pants just for you. You heard it here first. He doesn't know that I'm making this promise for him but I'm sure he won't mind.

---mimi "under Federal investigation" smartypants


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