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2000-11-03 ... 12:39:44

I'm poking around on this travel site and there's a tour of Yemen called, "Yemen: The Scent of Eternity."

I just don't think you want to mention Yemen and a smell in the same sentence, if you are trying to get people to visit. I've been to Yemen, and it mostly smells like garbage and goat meat.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Did anyone ever see the Sifl and Olly show or did I just hallucinate it? I loved this program. It was on MTV, sadly (although they get points for showing the brilliant cartoon, "Daria"). It was these 2 sock puppets who did little comedy bits and sang songs. It sounds very, very retarded but it was very, very cool. I miss it. Then again I'm a sucker for a puppet, any puppet. (Oh Grover, you will always hold a piece of my heart in your furry, blue hands.)

A lot of news from my sister lately. She's at college, and her boyfriend of a year or two just abruptly broke up with her because "he needs to think" and "he needs some time" and all that jazz. I love that "I need some time" thing so very very much, by the way. Oh sure, I'll just hang around here and wait for you to get your little boy head together. Oh don't mind me. Wouldn't want to inconvenience your little boy head.

My sister has also taken up sky diving. Yikes. That's scary. Kat thinks I'm a freak (not that she's so wrong) because I REFUSE to go on rollercoasters, I'm scared to death of them, but I have considered skydiving. Here's my weird thing: I would only jump out of the plane if the instructor were strapped to me, you know, that tandem thing? Because then it wouldn't really be my decision and I wouldn't have done a dumb thing like jump out of a plane. It was the other guy's fault! I probably still wouldn't do it, even with a guy strapped to me, because even if it's only a one in a million chance that I would die, knowing my luck I probably would, and that's a stupid way to go, and then at my funeral everyone would be talking about me "oh that mimi smartypants what a stupid stupid girl she was" and I just couldn't stand people talking behind my back (so to speak) like that.

The other advantage of the tandem jump is that you would be able to pee on the instructor, in your terror.

So I guess Iím not "extreme." I won't jump out of a plane or rollerblade down mountains or anything like that. There should be extreme versions of the things I like to do. Extreme literary criticism? Extreme bookstore browsing?

---mimi smartypants, nice and quiet.


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