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1999-10-08 ... 14:39:32

I'm wearing my new kick-ass tall leather boots and I feel all dominatrix and stuff...although I like the clothes (especially PVC and vinyl----ooh I love my vinyl dress), I'm really not the sort to administer sexual punishment. I'm way too self-conscious to put on a show like that. So never fear, gentle readers.

Although, sexually, I AM very much a "top"----just not an obvious one. (this is neither here nor there, but I thought I'd mention I had GREAT sex last night. Who says being married makes it boring?)

Today I'm in a crescent fresh, excellent mood. (No mimi, we didn't notice. You're just hopping around, gloating about great sex and all.) Not only is if Friedeggday, but I found out I got that promotion! I am officially management! I'm The Man! Fear my power!

Or not. But it's a lot more $ and I will manage a super (get me. "super!" what is this, the Donny and Marie Show?) bunch of people. AND I'm only about an hour away from being at the bar, with my first drink of the night smiling up at me. So nice to be a regular.

Happy Friday, everyone!

----the disgustingly cheerful mimi smartypants


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