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1999-10-07 ... 13:40:48

Does anyone else besides me think that "SCROTUM" would be a great name for a car? A model of car. As in, "The New Ford Scrotum!" "Scrotum: Drive the Excitement!" or "It's Not Your Father's Scrotum!"

Maybe it's just me. Hell, it's no stupider than some of the car names I've seen lately. There is apparently (forget who makes it) a car called the "Aspire." As if it aspires to be a better car. Same with the Mazda "Protege." A car-in-training....

Of course I am hopelessly unknowledgeable about all things automotive, having not driven a car since....well, since we lived in the Middle East. Which was 1996-1997. I think. The 90s are one big blur.

I just don't need to drive in this city. It's unnecessary. Besides, it makes me nervous and I breathe all funny and talk to myself. I have difficulty judging where the edges of things are and a bad sense of timing. It took me 3 tries to pass the driver's license of those times I actually had an accident during the test. When I was 17 I drove the car into the side of the garage because I misjudged the distance.

I shouldn't drive. And I don't.

Besides, there's lots more crazy people to look at on the bus or the train. And you can READ!

oy, my headache. Time to stop looking at this screen.

---mimi smartypants


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