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2001-10-05 ... 12:17 p.m.

I love Milk and Cheese. I know it's basically a one-joke strip, but sometimes you're in a one-joke frame of mind. Read the one called "Renaissance Madmen" and you'll get an idea of how I feel about Renaissance Fairs. (I refuse to spell that "faires.") There I go again, alienating my readers who may be into that sort of fake-archaic beerfest. But I don't love you any less, even if your idea of a good time is to run around in the hot sun holding a broadsword and spouting "thee" and "thou" gibberish and generally acting like a big Dungeons and Dragons dweeb. Even if. (I also encourage you to check out another Evan Dorkin comic, Dork, especially #7, which is kind of a departure for him...very personal and philosophical and oddly touching.)

Whoever does the Milk and Cheese page I linked to first has apparently just scanned the pages of his comic books, which seems a little dicey to me (on the front page there's a plea for Dorkin not to sue), but apparently it's working since the page is still up. Fans get away with everything, don't they?

When I lived in Bahrain, my friend Anne, knowing my love for Milk and Cheese, sent me the Milk and Cheese stuffed toys. Of course, the post office opened the packages like they always did, looking for pork products or pornography or anything else on the list of things you can't bring into an Islamic state, and they were pretty baffled by the stuffed anthropormorphic carton of milk and wedge of cheese. "What are these?" the customs officer asked me in Arabic, holding up the offending dairy products. "Umm...." I said, thinking fast. "This is milk, and that is cheese." They let me go.

Today is the birthday of Chester A. Arthur, one of the most obscure of the obscure dead presidents. He acomplished remarkably little as president, so perhaps his obscurity is deserved. Check out that facial hair, though! His sideburns practically have their own area code!

Maybe I'm just a scaredy-cat when it comes to nature and bugs, but doesn't the idea of being trapped inside a butterfly garden creep you out? I know everyone is all like, "Oh! What a beautiful butterfly!" but really, it's just an insect like any other. I bet tourists wouldn't flock to a "Housefly Garden" or go on a "Roach Walk."

So everyone, for extra credit, what is the unifying link between Milk and Cheese, the bewhiskered 21st President of these United States, and creepy bugs flying right at your face? (Hint: there is none.)

---mimi smartypants: head, thorax, abdomen and six crawly legs


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