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2001-10-03 ... 3:28 p.m.

Busy Mimi. No time to update. Plus I have a houseguest (well, okay, it's just my sister, but that counts), so my evenings have been more social and less compulsive lately, which means this web Thing gets less attention. Last night I started my Italian language class, and I think it's going to be quite good. The instructor teaches both high school Spanish and college Italian, so she's an excellent combination of goofy word games (we did Italian Mad Libs) and serious grammar instruction. LT has been getting lots o' comedy mileage by reading sentences from my Italian textbook in an emotional and exaggerated Chico Marx voice, complete with wild gestures. I pointed out that the sentence means simply "I would like to buy a train ticket to Milan," and that not every Italian sentence needs to be read with such hysterical emphasis, but LT contends that that's no fun, and really, he's right.

Today I saw I guy wearing a T-shirt that said "THE LORD'S GYM" with a picture of Jesus lifting a huge barbell, actually bending it over his head. Muscle Jesus! Go Jesus, feel the burn! It made me think of the classic: Can God make a barbell so big that even he can't lift it? (Besides, who would spot God? And do you think Jesus would have worn a jockstrap, or does he prefer an unfurnished basement, even for weightlifting?)

I have work to do. Believe me, I'd rather keep typing crap for you to read. When I think about the work I have to do, the needle on the Give-A-Shit-O-Meter barely moves. But I must. Maybe this entry will be the trigger for me to write lots more entries, and thus get back on track. By the way, "Mimi Smartypants" is a close anagram for "I'm a spy. Transmit." Doesn't that phrase sounds like it belongs in a Radiohead lyric?

---double-oh mimi smartypants


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