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2002-07-01 ... 5:29 a.m.

* I have been listening to a lot of Feminist Sweepstakes, cranked way way up. I like it a lot better than I thought I would. It is the recorded sound of my sugar buzz, it is the antidote for sleep.

* Remember the Pokemon panic?

* Yeah. Ditto for anyone else who is similarly overmarketed and undertalented and appears on album covers and publicity photos in revealing clothes (Vanessa Mae, I'm looking in your direction). Unless you actually can play the violin with your breasts, what is the point of that?

* I have a new habit of yelling "BYE!" when I leave the train. I think my fellow citizens appreciate my aggressive friendliness.

* My Friday night was 100% decadent and had a charming urban flavor. Drinking numerous beers at the Gold Star and then, feeling peckish at 11:30 pm, slipping next door for fantastic Japanese food, chattering about gender issues and lots of other stuff the entire time, was an excellent reminder of why I love Chicago blindly and beyond all reason. After our late late dinner Kat and I sat on the hood of her car and smoked cigarettes like tough girls, and I caught a taxi home that was driven by a man with the unfortunate name of Ho Phat.

* (Some molecules have unfortunate names as well. )

* One of the best moments on Friday (besides Kat and I swapping the subject lines of the grossest porn spam we'd ever received: she was once treated to "SEE MY HOT DRIPPING HOLE" in her inbox) came fairly early on. I am trancing out on Old Style label-peeling and the news is on the bar's television, sound muted, and I happen to glance up and see a map of Chicago (specifically a section of the southwest side) with the news tagline FOUL ODOR underneath. I almost choked, I was so amused. A foul odor that made the news must have been pretty darn foul.

* You know, it's not like the birds do it on purpose. This makes it sound like a planned military attack.

* Saturday a friend was here from out of town so LT and I hosted a mini-college-reunion of sorts at our place, drinking in the afternoon and then playing bocce in the park. LT handled all the food planning and preparation* and mixing of cocktails, since this party was arranged on rather short notice and also because I have been very busy with work, violin lessons, and going out every night and behaving like an idiot at various bars. This always happens right before I take a vacation, no matter how long or how short...I feel like I have to cram in a whole bunch of socializing right before I leave. And now there's only one more day, as I take off for London Tuesday night. I will miss you.

* Which included little cucumber and watercress sandwiches, and buying watercress and very thin cocktail rye requires a certain degree of confidence in one's masculinity. I was impressed.

* I have had poems worrying at me again, but everything I write lately wants to be in the plural first person and comes out sounding like a corporate memo. A twisted and dark corporate memo with the corporate "we." I am not sure how to fix this.

* Okay. I am going. It's a dastardly early hour of the morning and the birds in my neighborhood will not shut up and my posture is getting worse and worse as the sky lightens. Time for more tea and a futile-seeming shower, since the fact that Chicago seems to have gotten its weather mixed up with Brazil's means that I will probably by moist and clammy again by the time I get to work. Sign up for notify list if you haven't already, so you donít waste your time with the same old lousy entry and we can be together again in six days. Huzzah!

---mimi smartypants is reaching escape velocity.


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