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2000-03-30 ... 15:30:23

Did you know that you can't rock the body without the body rock?

In fact, it is impossible to rock the body without the body rock.

I'm just saying.

I just finished a lovely snack of "Wild Berry" skittles and tea. Did you know skittles have fat? I don't really care, I'm not counting fat grams or anything, but I was kind of incensed when I read the doesn't seem fair since they're not chocolatey or anything...

Nothing to say, really. Went to Hopleaf with Kat Tuesday night and tossed down way too many beers and smoked way too many cigarettes, and paid for it dearly the next day with that not-quite-hungover-just-gross feeling. My sister-in-law refers to that feeling as "polluted" and I think she's got something there.

---m. smartypants


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