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2000-12-20 ... 15:22:48

Watch me rip off of Pamie here. At least I linked her and acknowledged the source, right? But I really like this entry, where she details the words and phrases that she says entirely too often. I too am occasionally guilty of the one-track vocabulary, and although you may have picked up some of my stock phrases just from reading this journal, here's a few more that you should get used to just in case you ever meet me in person.

Many of these are peculiar to LT and I when we are together. We've been together a long time, and unfortunately we've acquired a sort of private vernacular. We try to tone certain things down in public.

For example, chicken noises. Come on, chickens are funny, admit it. LT and I bawk and squawk at each other a lot. Lots of chicken noises. But a married couple making chicken noises is not necessarily funny or cute to the world at large, but rather a bit scary, so that's mostly an at-home thing.

Here are some words and phrases I personally say way too much: dang, yikes, ack, describing things as "retarded" (not very PC of me, I know), oh for crying out loud, jesus tap-dancing christ, yeesh (when something is disgusting), describing things as "mysterious," and squinky (as in "don�t go getting all squinky on me."

Let us not forget all the retro slang I am intent on reviving: square, squaresville, dig, far out, pumps my nads, gnarly, bum trip, wack, jive turkey. A lovely mixture of the '50s, '60s, '70s, and '80s.

LT and I like to make pirate noises and pirate jokes. Here are some examples to get you started. Why I assume that you too wish to make pirate jokes I do not know.

We also have a little skit that we do for our own amusement where we pretend we are immigrants from some nonspecified country (but with funny accents, natch) and our last name is "Penis," and we open small businesses like a submarine sandwich shop ("Mr Penis") and a dry cleaners ("Penis Cleaners") and then wonder in our funny accents why we don't get any business.

I warned you it was strange.

However, I really do have an alternate side to my sense of humor that is more connected to reality. Really, I do.

---mimi smartypants


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