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1999-11-02 ... 11:39:04

One of my rules for online diaries is: no dreams, please. I know when I'm reading a diary, if someone starts describing their dream I just skip right over that part. Let's face it, no one wants to hear your long involved dream except your significant other or your very bestest friend, and even then not so much. Dreams are loaded with symbolism etc and seem very weird and interesting to you, but no one else really knows what you're talking about. I don't mind hearing the short, pithy, funny parts, or the parts that involve me, but please edit your dreams in the telling.

OK, that was a very long disclaimer. Let it be said that I write down all my interesting dreams in my private, paper journal, and I noticed this cool theme: dreams where I was inventing and/or marketing products. In one dream I came up with Presidential Shampoo, to be only used on the heads of current and past US Presidents. A niche market if there ever was one. And last night I dreamed I had developed "Earthquake Spray," an aerosol that prevented earthquakes from destroying your home.

California here I come!

Last night in yoga class we did "restorative" yoga, which is very non-strenuous, gentle poses and the like: it was very relaxing but I was kind of hoping for more of a workout. We did get to hang upside down like bats in these slings they have attached to the wall, though. I LOVED that.

using my sonar,

---mimi smartypants


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